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My Story

I haven’t always been in shape. Believe it or not, I was overweight all through out my childhood. I was bullied, and made fun of because I was that chubby little boy. Soon enough my confidence diminished and I became self conscious at a very young age. I know exactly what its like to be out of shape and hate your body.  

I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at age 13. I remember constantly urinating and wetting the bed happened all too often. One day in particular, I was having severe flu like symptoms. I felt like my chest was caving in and it became extremely hard to breathe. In a panic, my family rushed me to the E.R. where they took my urine sample and knew immediately what was wrong. After that, it was a long four days spent in the hospital.

The silver lining to being diagnosed with Type I diabetes? I shed the extra pounds (quick), and I wasn’t the fat kid anymore. It seemed as though I immediately had more friends and an increase of confidence. But despite the physical payoff and confidence boost, I still struggled with the fact that I was diabetic, I was embarrassed of it. I still wasn’t normal like everyone else.  I remember I used to hide my shots and blood glucose meter from friends, I didn’t want to draw attention or try to explain it. This carried on into my teenage years when I would go on dates in high school and give my self shots under the table hoping my date wouldn’t notice.

Now being in high school, parents left me on my own to take care of my diabetes and by doing so it taught me a lot of responsibility and independence. I had to learn to be fully in control of my diet and blood sugar. With losing the weight, and trying to understand diabetes more, I became a lot more focused on my overall health. My fitness journey really started in high school during a weights class taught by the football coach Wooten.  Because we had an oversized class it seemed like Wooten made the exercises a lot harder hoping some classmates would drop out, but I never did. It was a level of crossfit before crossfit was even a thing. Even though I would struggle to get out of bed the days following his class, I fell in love with weight lifting because I was good at it.

After high school I moved out of my parents home, started going to the local gyms, and began meeting other diabetics. My eyes started opening more and more at all of the major health issues diabetics can have if they do not take care of themselves. I had been diabetic for 5 years when I learned that actual limbs could be lost. Growing up, I thought I took good care of myself. I was working out and kept a pretty good eye on my diet but this was a big reality check, it scared the hell out of me. From then on I decided to always put my health at the top of my priorities list. I was going to put even more effort into taking control of my life.  I went through a lot of trial and error with different pumps, insulins, and diets before I found what was right for me. 

Now being obsessed with fitness and nutrition I chose to go to college and earn a degree in Exercise Science. My studies in college helped me learn more about my body and how it worked. The idea behind my degree was to eventually work for a company that developed medical devices for diabetes, but life threw a different opportunity my way that I ended up taking. Solar Sales.

I soon moved to Huntington Beach, California for my job. Fresh start, being single, and living in a beachfront home gave me the ultimate motivation to get into the best shape of my life. I hired an online trainer/body builder Jason Poston who was Type I diabetic as well. He taught me how to properly dose insulin, diet, and exercise while transforming my body. I saw and felt what my body was capable of. In an average of 6 months my A1C dropped from a 7.6 to an average of a 6.3! Years later, and my A1C has dropped to a 5.6. I haven’t stopped studying and learning what is best for my body and for all diabetics. I will always continue to further my knowledge and educate myself so I can remain in control. 

I am now very comfortable being diabetic.  Im not ashamed or embarrassed, I embrace it. I want to help break the ‘unhealthy and overweight’ stigma diabetes has. My goal is to help inspire other diabetics and show them what is possible. At any stage in diabetes, you are capable of taking control back and feeling good again. This could be looked at as a major weakness, but I view it as my biggest strength (and you can too)!

The idea to create a clean supplement line for diabetics came to me back when I was in college. I would take all of the major pre workout brands and I just remember how horrible they would make me feel. My blood sugar would spike, and then drop really low resulting in me eating extra calories to get it back up. So when I was trying to cut weight, you could see how this became very frustrating and discouraging. I thought there had to be a better way! There had to be a way for all diabetics to get a good pump from preworkout without having to sacrifice a consistent/healthy blood sugar level. Type Zero started out as an idea years ago and is now finally here for those diabetics who want to be healthier and live a higher quality of life!