White Kidney Bean
White Kidney Bean

White Kidney Bean

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  • Natural Support for Dietary Goals: Type Zero's Clean White Kidney Bean Capsules offer natural support for your dietary goals, providing a convenient and accessible option for health-conscious individuals.
  • 90 Capsules per Bottle: Each bottle contains 90 capsules, offering a generous supply to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine and support your long-term wellness.
  • 6,500 MG Equivalent per Capsule: With 6,500 MG equivalent per capsule, this supplement is formulated to provide a potent dose while maintaining ease of use with a single-capsule serving.
  • Single Capsule Serving: The single-capsule serving simplifies your daily routine, making it easy to incorporate this supplement into your health-conscious lifestyle.
  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured in an NSF Certified GMP Compliant facility and undergoing rigorous third-party testing by independent ISO-accredited laboratories, Type Zero prioritizes the quality and purity of each batch, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy supplement.